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You will only find this product here, it is unique and made only for you.

I'm coming back to the market design fabrics! with the high technology facilities of digital printing machines, and the hundreds of drawings that I have accumulated over the years scrap digital, it has become possible and I am very happy to offer my designs for my customers.
I'm stating the Spoonflower to manufacture and ship the fabric to you, after much research on printed, reputable. 
The prices from my store refer  to purchase the digital files.
All printing costs, shipping and liability for printing, are the company you hire for the job.
So feel free to choose another company to print and send your drawings.
All our files are in RGB, and now they have 8X8 inches in size with a maximum of 40 MB in size tiff, 300 dpi for best results setting.
All fabrics purchases made in our store, refers to the right to use Personal digital file that you will download after purchase. You can not resell this file or the fabric, they are all Personal Use only.
If you shoot the fabric and want to show publicly on the web, blogs, journals, you should describe what the copyrights are by Cari Lopez.You can make your products like bags, albums covers, cushions, quilts and sell your product, you can do it, but the only product manufactured and finished by you, may be sold.
You can make curtains, quilt and your furniture, make clothes with them too, but ask the company that will print your fabric which is the best fabric to make each thing.

At the store where you print, read as printing colors and the differences that may occur. Take a test before sending print fabric permanently. Each company has a different technology and the result of the colors can change from company to company, depending on the technology of the machines used.  Stay tuned on type of fabric chosen and variations of shades of colors in each fabric used.
Cari Lopez
some of the collections launch - See more ( CLICK HERE)

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